Our brief was set in the year 2050, with particular emphasis on the sustainable and technological advances our design would include. My proposal was for a floating house located off the coast of Miyazaki, Japan, that responded to predicted sea level rise by being half above the water line and half below. The structure would be formed of bamboo and algae-growing tubes wherein the family that resides there would harvest the renewable biofuel to power their home and as mobility to a workplace would be compromised due to its location on water, the income for the family would come from selling reserves of the biofuel to energy companies on land.

The hexagonal forms, inspired by the synergetic geometric designs of Buckminster Fuller, are adaptable to form modular communities on water, with short bamboo walkways and gardens added on to customise each residence.

The triangular funnel roof formation allows for fresh water collection that can also be used to run the house and filtered to be disposed into the ocean sustainably to avoid pollution.