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The brief called for a mixed-use building housing the client and their partner, two children, and a small spare room for a frequent visiting relative. The client owns a part-time floristry business and the project created an opportunity to expand the business to a full-time venture, whilst working from home.

Furthermore, a large office, studio workspace and consolation room were needed, as well as private loading bay for flower deliveries was imperative.

The dwelling compromises of traditional window and door fixtures, mostly rusticated on the lower floors, taken from the prevailing Georgian townhouse style and structural layout whilst showcasing facets of modernised furnishings and materials.

The reclaimed London brick facades cast an array of pastel tones whilst up-cycling used materials from other projects.

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The client wanted a neutral colour palette of mink and copper tones that were emphasised through textural qualities, especially in the living spaces. The café spaces were kept minimalistic to serve as a versatile backdrop for ever-changing seasonal floral displays for customers.


A café space to encourage casual business and bring in more floristry patrons was desired. The street access and private residential access called for intricate spatial planning, especially within the narrow townhouse perimeters, whilst creating luxurious spaces that enhanced the limited natural lighting.

The café serves a maximum of 30 seated customers, with the potential for an extra 4 seats on the external tables and stools, wreathing permitting.

There is one able-bodies and one disabled access toilet for customer use and a private toilet servicing the floristry studio and café staff.

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